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With an international heritage, I was fortunate enough to live, work, ride and teach across the world, inluding Europe and the Middle East. Most of my riding life, I have spent in the UK, were I was fortunate enough to be able to train and compete in a large spectrum of disciplines. This included military, showjumping, dressage, western and showing.
My time spent in the Middle East, away from mainstream teachings and equestrian luxury, has taught me to appreciate the simple things and focus on what is really important.
Inspired by the teachings of Sylvia Loch, Arthur Kottas, Nuno Olivera and Carlos Carniero, my true passion is the combination of the best of all disciplines under the umbrella of doma vaquera for the benefit of the horse and the enjoyment of the rider.
For me, riding is the responsibility of continuing an age-old heritage of teachings of grand masters who came before me. Riding is the art of doing a few things right, because the more one does, the less one succeeds. And before one learns the aids, one must learn to feel. (Nuno Olivera)
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